Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Studio J® Tricks to Add Flair to Your Layouts

This information was provided by CTMH.  

I would love to see some of your Studio J layouts after you take advantage of October's SWEET promotion.  Buy 9 layouts, get your 10th FREE!

Even though Studio J® is fast and easy to use, it is helpful to know some great tricks that can make customizing your layouts even more exciting. Here are some Studio J tricks straight from our professional Close To My Heart artists:
1. Customize your background and texture paper. You can change the color and intensity of the background and texture paper included in whichever kit you choose. Simply select the piece of background and texture paper, change the color in the color selection tool, and increase or decrease the intensity of the color in that same popup box.
2. Crop My Stickease® quotes, titles, and tags. The cropping feature on the My Stickease images allows you to select a section of a quote, title, or tag to use as a border or other embellishment.
3. Create a customized My Stickease image. If you have a specific image in mind to use as an embellishment on your page, you can create a customized My Stickease to fit your theme perfectly. Simply add a text box, photo hanger, ribbon, ribbon slides, and Stickease to create the little suitcase! So easy! Be sure to crop or send elements behind other elements when necessary, and add several elements together for a unique look!

4. Select more than one element at a time. If you want to move several elements of your layout at once, simply click and drag your mouse around the elements you would like to select. Let’s take buttons, for example. After the buttons have been selected, you can click the icons in the popup box to choose to align the buttons vertically or horizontally if you desire.
5. Make faux washi tape with vellum text boxes. To create the look of a piece of clear washi tape, make a small rectangular text box, filled with vellum background (this is the default color for text boxes). You can make the tape strips as large or small as you want, or even layer them for more emphasis.

6. Stretch one photo across multiple photo wells. If you have fewer photos than photo wells, instead of deleting the excess wells, try scaling the picture to a larger size and then copying the picture to other photo wells and matching the photos up until they align with an almost seamless image. This trick works best with photo wells that are adjacent to each other.
7. Create ruffled ribbon. Select “Ribbons” in the drop-down menu under the Embellishments toolset. Choose ribbon tab and rotate the tab so that it is vertical on the page. Then layer several tabs on top of one another, sending every other one to the back to create a ruffled look.

8. Create a jagged border with text boxes. You can create a jagged border simply by rotating multiple text boxes about 45 degrees and making them the same color as the background. Put these boxes on top of a long, rectangular box of another color, and you’ve got a jagged border!

9. Change the background of your layout. Sometimes you may like the photo and journal arrangement in a layout, and yet want to change the background colors. Because photos sit on top of everything else, this is easy to do. Simply pull a journaling box over the space you want for a different background and fill it with a color from the color selection tool or a patterned paper from the Papers toolset. Then, send it backwards until the photo wells are on top of your new background.
Bonus Trick! Use keyboard keys to make embellishments. Did you know that some of the best tools for creating custom embellishments are the basic keys on your keyboard? It’s as simple as typing into a journaling box with no background color. Use periods to make a polka dot pattern, angle brackets to create a trendy Chevron look, overlapping pound signs to make burlap, question marks to make rope, and so much more!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Time for Some Serious Studio J!

Did you hear about the great promotion for October?  For every 9 layouts you purchase, you get 1 free!  I already have 5 layouts done, and I'm sure I'll have no problem coming up with pictures for the remaining 5.  But, if I get all crazy and do 18, I can get 2 more free!

Get started on your layouts NOW!

Here are some pictures I'm excited to get on a new layout: (thanks to Kimberley!!!)

He's such a cute baby!  We are keeping him!!!

Friday, August 31, 2012

I'm taking a break...his name is Tyson!


Here's a little known fact - we were chosen to be the adoptive parents for a sweet baby due any minute now!  His name will be Tyson, and we couldn't be more excited!!!  Since we don't know exactly when he will be born (maybe he already is, when you are reading this!), I feel like I can't really make any major plans.  So, I won't be doing my fall open house this year.  I am also not planning on any workshops until at least the first part of next year.

In the meantime, I am going to make you an offer, I hope you won't want to refuse!  From now, until my next open house, I am offering you NO SHIPPING AND TAX!!!   That's pretty much my price on stuff!  Place orders as often as you want, and get everything for just the retail price!  (except on Studio J, I can't figure out how to make that work)

Anyone who takes advantage of this great offer will be invited to a special workshop that I will host in either January or February.  We will make something fun, and it won't cost anything. BUT, in order to be invited, you need to place an order between now and then!

So, get over here, and get your catalog, then shop as often as you want, (email me your order, and I will enter it, so you can get the discount).  I can even take credit cards.

Thanks for supporting me through this baby time, I'm excited to not stress out about anything but him for a while!!!


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Introducing: Artiste!

I'm thrilled to share Cricut Cartridge Artiste with you.  It is available only from a CTMH consultant (LIKE ME!).  And it's amazing!  I love all of the 3D items you can make with it.  Boxes, purses, bags, flowers, yo-yo's and so much more.  Plus, it's got a great Font, shapes, and lots of coordinating stamp sets to go with it.

Get this amazing cartridge (including an instruction book for all of the 3D items) along with 3 exclusive - and cute - stamp sets, and 3 sets of dimensional elements for just $99!  Available NOW at my website: My CTMH store.  If you would like a catalog or more information please email me at KarensAStamper at  I'd love to hear from you!

Why I Love Studio J

I don't know if you've ever heard me go on about Studio J, but you are about to!    Let me share my top 10 reasons why I love Studio J  - then I challenge you to try it out!  There's no commitment, just log on, create a quick account, and start playing around.  If you LOVE what you create, THEN you can purchase layouts for just $6.95 each!  No trips to Costco to pick up pictures, no sifting through all your paper and embellishments, just grab your credit card, and sit back a few days and your layouts will be on your doorstep before you know it!

Now... the Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Studio J
 1.  You can complete layouts in just minutes, with an internet connection.  This layout was completed before Josh got to lunch on his first day of school (this is last year, this year's is done, but I haven't ordered it yet--it's just a cute and took even less time with the Express Collection Layouts).

2.  You can use lots of sizes of pictures, without planning ahead. Don't you hate waiting until you have your layout finished to print your pictures?  Or, worse, get all you pictures in 4x6, then find out that you want to use 3 - 5x7's and 6 - 2x2 pictures (as shown below)?  It's pretty great to just upload the pictures, then drag and drop them to the photo well, and they become whatever size you need!  You can even zoom in on them, and do some editing within Studio J!

3.  Funky shapes and sizes don't scare me! In the layout below you will notice some wedge shaped pictures.  Simple to do and creates a fun visual for your page!  Drag and drop, no measuring, templates, cutting and messing up!

4. Create multiple pages for different people.  The layouts below were so easy.  I quickly made layouts for 3 different family members.  One for us, one for Jake & his wife, and one for my in-laws.  They are similar but specific to each recipient.  (And, I must report, everyone was thrilled with their layouts!)
Our layout has a picture of my husband and his brother, and highlights our favorite part of the graduation ceremony--the soldiers coming out of the smoke-very cool!

This one is for his parents.

And finally the layout for Jake and his family
5.  To Journal or Not to Journal.  There are so many layout choices.  Some include lots of picture spots and journaling areas, and some don't.  There are titles on every page and space for journaling, however, you can change a journaling spot into a picture spot, and vice versa.  So much flexibility!

6.  Scrapbooks you can look at all day long.  With Studio J, when you order your 12x12 layout prints, you also get a set of .jpg images.  One of the images is great for sharing layouts on your blog, facebook page, emailing, etc., while the other one is two large files one for each page of your layout.  These can be used to re-print layouts at photo shops, or you can load them onto a SIM card and display them on a digital picture frame.  Josh loves to turn it on and look through the pages one at a time, it can occupy him (or me) for hours!

7.  Reprint all you want.  With Studio J's .jpg images, you can upload them to Costco and reprint your layouts for just $2.99 per page.  This is very convenient, but you can also reprint them from Studio J for up to one year.  While Costco's prints are less expensive, Studio J's quality can't be beat!  Studio J layouts are "custom printed to the highest quality, made to last a lifetime".

8.  Reasonable shipping charges Studio J layouts are shipped via USPS, and you can have between 4-50 layouts shipped directly to you for just $5.95.  Here's an idea, set a goal each month for how many layouts you want to create, and that you can afford.  Create your layouts, and put the $6.95/layout in an envelope or savings account each month.  Be sure to check in every 30 days or so, so they know you are still working on them!  Then when you have enough layouts to justify the $5.95 shipping (at least 4 are needed), then you can place your order and use the money you have saved up each month to pay for them.  Be sure to order every 90 days so they will save your work!

9.  Super easy to use!  Studio J is very intuitive.  You can figure it out quite quickly.  BUT if you do have problems, shoot me an email or give me a call and I can help you any time!  I taught myself almost everything (my friend Adana also discovered some fun stuff I didn't know!).

10.  It's FUN!  It's fun to come home from an event and scrapbook it right then, in just a few minutes!  Sometimes I will get home, drop everything, and scrapbook those fun pictures just minutes after taking them.  While I have to wait a few days for them to be delivered, I can enjoy the process of making them immediately.  All it takes is an internet connection and some pictures.

C'mon.  Go try it now!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

To celebrate National Stamping Month in September, we are
offering a new double stamp set! You can get the exclusive
My Acrylix®
  It’s Your Day double stamp set for just $5 when
you place a minimum order of $35 in full retail products
from August 15 through September 30. You’ll love this double
set—two D-size sets in one envelope—with trendy images
that capture the flavor of your day-to-day activities, errands,
and musings—the little things that make up who you are
and are worth remembering and sharing! With a retail
value of $35.90, this set drastically increases the value
of your qualifying purchase. Have twice the fun stamping
during National Stamping Month with our new It’s Your
Day double stamp set!

Order Yours NOW!

Offer available August 15–September 30, 2012.  
Tax and shipping/handling charges apply.
Limit one promotional item per qualifying order.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to use the new markers

With the Autumn/Winter Idea Book came lots of new products.  One of them is our NEW alcohol based marker sets.  I was skeptical at first, but after getting several and trying them out, they are pretty dang cool!  Here's a short video on how to use and store them.  Let me know if you are interested in getting some for yourself, you won't be disappointed! Check them out here.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Color Dare #9

I had to take a week off for an AWESOME family reunion in Park City, but I'm back!  Here's Color My Heart's Dare #9

The challenge was to use Petal and Creme Brulee.  I also used Colonial White.  Since Petal is now discontinued (a moment of silence for our 20 discontinued colors...), I decided to bust out some OLD papers to use for this challenge.  Anyone remember Paper Garden and Key to My Heart?  Well, the Petal and the "cream" colored flower are both from Paper Garden, and the Creme Brulee is from Key to My Heart.  Since the back of the Paper Garden petal paper was pink, I covered the inside of the "envelope" with the Creme Brulee from KtMH.   These pictures don't do this pretty paper justice!  I used the August Stamp of the Month Baroque Backgrounds for the detail on the inside, and Happy Birthday came from C1257 Happy Birthday.  The flowers, and all elements of the card were cut using the NEW Artiste Cricut Cartridge from CTMH, and the Happy Birthday frame is from Art Philosophy!

I'm loving all the new card/card jackets that are on the Artiste Cartridge!  Anyone want one?  Visit me after August 1st to get one!  It's AWESOME, and I promise you won't be disappointed (unless you don't make the time to play with it--that's kinda on you :)!)  Shop here anytime:  My CTMH store

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Color Dare #7

This week I chose to use Mojo Monday's Sketch #248 along with Color Dare #7.  It wasn't too challenging this week to use 2 of the 3 secondary colors for the color dare.  I love green and purple together!

For this card, I used D1510 - 4 My Friend, stamp set.  Z1383 sweet leaf ribbon, and the Cricut CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge for the green frame, the flower, and leaves.  I chose Topiary, Sweet Leaf, and Gypsy for my secondary colors.  Originally I tried using Lilac Mist for my card base, but I decided that white looked better in the background.  I also used the Cuttlebug for creating a pattern on the background.  It's hard to tell in the picture, but the Topiary frame is actually raised up using foam tape, which made it a little hard for me to focus on the sentiment.  Overall, I'm pretty pleased with the final card.  It ended up being 5"x7" and so three-dimensional, you would have to deliver these Congrats in person!

Here's the original sketch:
It's a pretty literal interpretation!

Monday, July 2, 2012

CTMH July Promotion

Place an online order of $75 or more in July and we’ll send you a popular paper packet and coordinating accessory—a Perfect Pair—for free! That’s a retail value of up to $17.90! Different Perfect Pairs are available on different dates throughout the month so you’ll want to place more than one qualifying order to snatch several Perfect Pairs.  Most of these papers and accessories are not available to order any more, so this is your ONLY chance to get them!!!

Place your order early in the availability period, as the promotion is while supplies last.
Offer valid July 1–31, 2012. While supplies last. Additional shipping/handling and tax may apply. 
Discounted products do not count toward a qualifying purchase.

Order Dates: Perfect Pair
July 1–5 Mischief Paper Packet (X7144B) and Midnight Felt Shapes (Z1462) $15.90 
July 6–10 Dreamin' Paper Packet (X7142B) and Harvest Charms (Z1633) $14.90
July 11–15 Fanfare Paper Packet (X7138B) and Fanfare Level 2 Assortment (Z1400) $17.90
July 16–20 Lucky Paper Packet (X7137B) and Lucky My Stickease® Assortment (X7137C) $17.90 
July 21–25 Mayberry Paper Packet (X7136B) and Mayberry My Stickease® Assortment (X7136C) $17.90 
July 26–29 Sophia Paper Packet (X7131B) and Sophia My Stickease® Assortment (X7131C) $17.90 
July 30–31 Believe Paper Packet (X7145B) and Holiday Pockets (Z1486) OR  
Wonderland Paper Packet (X7146B) and Wonderland My Stickease® Assortment (X7146C)

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Color Dare #6

Challenges, they are fun!
This weeks Color My Heart Dare was to take an existing CTMH paper packet and add one (or two) additional colors.  We were also supposed to create a card that would work for another "sketch challenge".  I chose to do the Mojo Monday Sketch: Sketch #247, Round or Square!

I used the Footloose paper packet, and the June Stamp of the Month (Last day to order it--TODAY!).  I embossed the bird using white powder so it would stand out, and I used the Irresistibles Persnickety Journaling Spots (Z1734).  The "extra" color I used was Sorbet.  Making this a play on the primary colors.  Buttercup, Lagoon, and Sorbet (red-ish). Anyone want to guess what the little birdie told me?

Sunday, June 24, 2012

This week's color dare is: Create-your-own Rainbow based on the color wheel.

We were charged with creating a card using all SIX of the rainbow colors.  While it was really fun picking out which six to use, it was hard fitting them all on one card (without just making a rainbow...).

I went with RED: Tulip, ORANGE: Sunset, YELLOW: Creme Brulee, GREEN: Pear, BLUE: Lagoon, and PURPLE: Gypsy.  These are some of my very favorite colors!

This photo shows a little more of the detail.  The sentiment (from C1503: The Best Things) is raised up using foam tape, stamped and mounted on a shape from the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge.  I used lots of my favorite embellishment: Sparkles! And finally the whole card is mounted on a piece of Tulip cardstock--which made it a little tricky to photograph!  Wish me luck in the weekly contest on Color My Heart's blog!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Color Dare #2

This week's colors were:  Pear, Topiary, Moonstruck, and Lagoon.  I was really excited as blues and greens are my favorite, and I LOVE Lagoon and Pear!

I used the June SOTM S1206, Life is Tweet.  And the pattern: Gallery, in the Wishes Idea Book.  I used the CTMH Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge for the frame.  I'm not super excited about the way the Baker's Twine looks, I might make some changes there and re-post.  BUT I do love that cute June Stamp of the Month!  Hurry and get one this month!

Take two: (I think I like this one better)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A summer challenge:  Color My Heart Color Dare

I'm excited for some fun challenges this summer.  A fellow CTMH consultant has started a blog daring anyone who will listen to create cards using her color challenges.  Scroll down on the right side of this blog to find the Color My Heart badge to take you to her blog.

I took the first challenge, kind of.  It was monochromatic purple.  I have to admit these weren't even my favorite purples, so I just HAD to break the rules a little and add another color (Buttercup - it's kind of a neutral, right?).  The colors given in the challenge were: (shown from outside to inside on this card) Amethyst, Smokey Plum, and Petal.  I used a clear scallop round card and some CTMH bling along with D1491 Hooray Bouquet stamp set with black ink.  You can't really tell with this (super amateur) picture, but the Amethyst cardstock is on the inside of the card.  The top of the card starts with the Smokey Plum circle.  All cuts were made on the Cricut using CTMH Art Philosophy cartridge. Overall, I really like the way it turned out.  Looking back, I could have even used White Daisy or Colonial White for the flower.  But I just couldn't resist the Buttercup!

I would love for my friends and customers to participate in the Color My Heart challenges, if you do, be sure to let me know!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Girls Summer Craft Club!

Dates: June 12, June 21, June 26, July 10, July 31, and August 14.
Time: 10:00-11:30am
Place: Karen's House - 2430 W 2200 N
Cost: $75, due before June 5th.

This picture is just a few of the things I have planned.  We will be making:

A set of six birthday cards
A set of six thank you cards - with cute pinwheels on them!
A banner with each girls name on it (2 styles to choose from)
A recipe box
A card/gift box
And another project...TBA!

All supplies will be provided.  Space is limited, so be sure to get your registration in ASAP.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

May Workshop (Create Club) Project

COLLAGE CUBES! A scrapbook, a puzzle, a great gift!!

Date:  Tuesday, May 15th 7:00-9:30pm
This project will include the 6x6 collage cube set, and lots of paper and stamp choices to use for your cubes.  You will need to come prepared with 6 different pictures/sets of pictures.  4x6 pictures work great!  You can also use other size pictures.  Kids will love the puzzle, and don't worry, I won't let you go home with out a "key" to solve the puzzles!

Ideas for your cube could include:  Family pictures (from 2001, 2003, 2005, etc.), One side per child (6 sides available), grandparents, vacations, favorite things... the list is endless, start deciding which ONE you want to make first!
Cost: $25
Money is due by Tuesday, May 8th.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

June's Creative Club Workshop

June Workshop

Includes two of each of the cards above, white envelopes and 2 clear boxes.  These cards have bottle caps, springs, and all kinds of fun associated with them!

Date: Tuesday, June 19th
Time: 7:00-9:30pm (you will need 2 1/2 hours!)
Place: my house

Please bring:  Adhesive, if you have it.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Crop/Open House Details

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to host my first "all-day" crop!  I hope that most of you will be able to at least stop by, and hopefully stay for a while!

The Open House/Crop will be from 2:00pm-10:00pm, in the Cranberry Farms (my neighborhood) clubhouse.  The address is 2400 W. 2400 N.  It's just a few blocks North of my house, in a log cabin, by the pool. Entrance is on the South side of the building.

There are THREE options for this Open House/Crop.

1) Come to the OPEN HOUSE!  It will be running the entire time of the crop.  You can stop by for as long as you want, make the make-n-take and see what the new Idea Book (and me!) has to offer.  Please RSVP asap so I can be sure to have your make-n-take ready!  Also, if you are bringing a friend, let me know so I can have one for your friend(s) as well!

2) Come to the WORKSHOP!  Here's a picture of what we will be doing for our workshop that day.  You will have plenty of time to work on these little treasures between 2-10pm.  If you are planning on making this workshop project, you will need to RSVP before January 31st.  I will have everything cut and ready for you!  The cost for the Workshop is just $15!  I would love pre-payment, but you can also pay at the workshop.
This picture doesn't do these 3x3 cards justice!  They are REALLY cute!
Project includes 2 boxes, 10 cards, 10 envelopes and a stamp set!

3) Come to the CROP!  The crop will consist of space for the entire 8 hours, snacks, and DINNER! (Taco salad).  You will be in the same building as the open house, but will have a space all your own!  Bring unfinished projects, your laptop to work on Studio J, or a sewing project!  Whatever you want to do is fine with me!  The CROP cost is just $15.  AND, if you would like to include the WORKSHOP project in your crop, it's just $25 for both!  If you are just doing the CROP please let me know before February 2nd.  You can pay that day.  And, if you want to do the workshop--be sure to let me know by January 31st!

Don't forget: Those of you who have made purchases, and or come to workshops in the past 6 months, already have a credit toward the CROP and/or the WORKSHOP!  Be sure to email me to find out how much credit you have!

I look forward to seeing YOU there!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The ALL NEW Create Club!

The Create Club meets once per month: The third Tuesday night, and/or following Wednesday morning.

Tuesday: 7:00-9:30pm, Wednesday 10:00-Noon – come to one or both to get your project done!

Group will include up to 6 people.

Each member will be responsible for:

-Coming to one or the other time EACH month.
-Paying for monthly club cost: $22/month--includes all supplies, unless you want to bring your own adhesive.
-Money will be due one month in advance-pay at club for the next club!
-Projects will be displayed 2 months in advance. You are welcome to invite a friend to come, if they also pay in advance. You and your friend will each get $2 off! Projects will also be shown here on my blog so you can show your friends!

Member benefits include:
-Prepared project every month!
-Good times!
-One month (assigned) for just $10!
-Any orders placed during a club night will get FREE shipping!

Here’s what you need to do to sign up:

-Email me RIGHT AWAY! ( )
-Pay the $22 due for February’s club night (2/21)
-Mark the following dates on your calendar: 2/21, 3/20, 4/17, 5/15, 6/19

I will email everyone a reminder a few days before our club meetings.

February Workshop (Create Club) Project

Date: Tuesday, February 21st 7:00-9:30pm
    OR  Wednesday, February 22nd 10:00-Noon

Come create TWO EACH of these fun little treat containers! (The red one is a little cuter than the one shown here - at least I think it is.)  They are a great way to show someone you care.  Everything you need will be provided.

Cost: $25 or just $22 if you sign up for the Create Club.
Money is due by Wednesday, February 15th.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

March Workshop (Create Club) Project

Date: Tuesday, March 20th 7:00-9:30pm
   OR Wednesday, March 21st 10:00-Noon

Come create TEN 6x6 cards!  These aren't just cards, they have a fun little treat center (those are skittles and sweet tarts in there).   Kit includes dimensional stickers for the outside cute coordinating stickers for the inside, the treat container & candy, ribbon to close the card, and a 6x6 "box" to put the card in when you are done! 

Cards include (2 each):
-Knowing you...Just makes me smile
-Thank you...With a cherry on top
-Just for you...On this special day
-Wishing you...A sweet birthday
-Sending you...A little sunshine

Cost: $25 or just $22 if you sign up for the Create Club.
Money is due by Wednesday, February 22nd.  Space is limited, and it's almost FULL!

Friday, January 6, 2012

April Workshop (Create Club) Project

Date: Tuesday, April 17th 7:00-9:30pm
   OR  Wednesday, April 18th 10:00-Noon

This project includes 6 coordinating cards in the Stella papers, and a fun card box to go with them. AND this fun 4" x 12" banner.  Cards include:  Hello, Thank You, A Note for You, and Happy Birthday!  Make whatever sentiments you want to include in this fun box.

Cost: $25 or just $22 if you sign up for the Create Club.
Money is due by Wednesday, March 21st.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

CTMH's Retired Products List

These great Close to my Heart products will retire on January 31st. Be sure to grab your favorites while you still can...   Ones marked with ** stars are considered a MUST-HAVE in my collection!  And, don't forget, these items are sold only while supplies last, AND for every $25 you spend, you can get a fun Rock the Block collection for just $15 (see post below).

Click here and add your favorite item #s to your shopping cart.

Paper Collections
Typeset Workshop On The Go (WOTG) Kit – G1024 - $29.95
Roxie WOTG Kit – G1025 - $29.95
Elemental WOTG Kit – G1026 - $29.95
Dreamin’ L2 Paper – X7142B - $9.95
Dreamin’ My Stickease – X7142C - $4.95
Dreamin’ WOTG Kit – G1027 - $29.95
Sonoma WOTG Kit – G1028 - $29.95
Mischief L2 Paper – X7144B - $9.95
Mischief Compliment Rub-Ons – X7144C - $4.95
Mischief WOTG Kit – G1029 - $29.95
Believe L2 Paper – X7145B - $9.95
Believe My Stickease – X7145C - $4.95
Believe WOTG Kit – G1030 - $29.95
Wonderland L2 Paper – X7146B - $9.95
Wonderland My Stickease – X7146C - $4.95
Wonderland WOTG Kit – G1031 - $29.95
Sophia L2 Paper – X7131B - $12.95
Sophia My Stickease – X7131C - $4.95
Mayberry L2 Paper – X7136B - $12.95
Mayberry My Stickease – X7136C - $4.95
Lucky L2 Paper – X7137B - $12.95
Lucky My Stickease – X7137C - $4.95
Fanfare L2 Paper – X7138B - $12.95
Fanfare My Stickease – X7138C - $4.95
RibbonColonial White Ribbon collection - Z1126 - $7.95
**Cranberry grosgrain ribbon - Z1103 - $6.95
**Cocoa grosgrain ribbon - Z1100 - $6.95
**Colonial White grosgrain ribbon - Z1102 - $6.95
**White Daisy grosgrain ribbon - Z270 - $6.95
Wings Level 2 Assortment - Z1398 - $4.95

Embroidery Floss - Red/Pink - Z1092 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Green - Z1094 - $3.25
Embroidery Floss - Blue/Purple - Z1093 - $3.25

Waxy Flax
Waxy Flax - Cranberry - Z1086 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Sorbet - Z1249 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Juniper - Z1248 - $3.95
Waxy Flax - Crystal Blue - Z1247 - $3.95

Designer Brads - Colonial White - Z1274 - $3.95
Designer Brads - Pewter - Z1146 - $3.95

Mini-Medley & Eyelets
Mini Medley - Antiqued Copper - Z1275 - $4.95
Mini Medley - Colonial White - Z1276 - $4.95
Foundry Metal - Bookplates - Z1147 - $3.50
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95
Soft Set Eyelets - Black and White Daisy - Z1228 - $3.95
Soft Set Eyelets - Chocolate and Colonial White - Z1229 - $3.95

Coordinating Collection Embellishments
Midnight Felt Shapes - Z1462 - $3.95
Harvest Charms - Z1633 - $4.95
Holiday Packets - Z1486 - $4.95
Top Coats Icing Overlays - Z1468 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Assortment - Z1356 - $4.95
Lucky Level 2 Journaling Spots - Z1359 - $3.95
Bliss Level 2 Assortment - Z1355 - $5.95
Sweetheart Level 2 Assortment - Z1386 - $4.95
Fanfare Level 2 Assortment - Z1400 - $4.95
Just Blooms Spring Blossom - Z1266 - $7.95
Just Blooms White Daisy Variety Pack - Z1300 - $5.95

Color Ready Alphabets
Color Ready Alphabets - Oxford - X5749 - $3.95
Color Ready Alphabets - Hodge Podge - X1406 - $3.95

Dimensional Elements
Dimensional Elements - On Target - Z1226 - $5.95
Dimensional Elements - Flurry - Z1225 - $4.95

My Creations Items

My Creations - Board Book - Z1310 - $6.95
**My Creations - Journal - Z1268 - $7.95
My Creations - Memory Showcase 9x9 - Z1198 - $5.95

Rubber Brayer - Z616 - $12.95
Soft Set Eyelet Tool - Z1208 - $14.95
Eyelet Tool Replacement Punches - Z1245 - $2.95

Stamp Sets
**For Every Occasion – D1187 - $17.95
**Thank You – D1361 - $17.95
Trellis – D1451 - $17.95
Backgrounds & Borders – D1463 - $17.95
Dreams Come True – D1470 - $17.95
Summer Days – B1375 - $9.95
Love Ya – D1460 - $17.95
From My Heart – C1443 - $13.95
A Love – A1103 - $6.95
So Lucky – C1390 - $13.95
Circle of Love – D1438 - $17.95
Soul Mates – D1254 - $17.95
Bless This Nest – C1445 - $13.95
A Little Buzz – B1353 - $9.95
Beautiful Butterflies – B1373 - $9.95
Ambiance – C1349 - $13.95
Springtime – D1415 - $17.95
A Hop – A1112 - $6.95
Take Luck – B1364 - $9.95
Enjoy Every Moment – C1395 - $13.95
Beloved – B1343 - $9.95
Bunny Love – B1324 - $9.95
Carefree – C1447 - $13.95
A Paisley – A1105 - $6.95
Always In My Heart – A1101 - $6.95
Charmed – C1385 - $13.95
Togetherness – D1402 - $17.95
One Of A Kind – D1410 - $17.95
Blooming Layers – C1449 - $13.95
A Posy – A1102 - $6.95
Extreme Happiness – C1356 - $13.95
Friendship Blessings – D1191 - $17.95
Flower Pot – D1409 - $17.95
Smiles – C1397 - $13.95
Happy Moments – C1437 - $13.95
His and Hers – C1460 - $13.95
Tasty Treats – D1427 - $17.95
You’re Sweet – B1351 - $9.95
Recipe Box – D1364 - $17.95
Bon Apetit – D1367 - $17.95
Daydream – D1297 - $17.95
Makin’ Waves – C1365 - $13.95
Cruisin’ – D1471 - $17.95
Down By The Sea – C1451 - $13.95
True Happiness – D1365 - $17.95
Summer Breeze – C1453 - $13.95
Treetops – C1368 - $13.95
Let’s Go Camping – C1355 - $13.95
Beautiful Things – D1298 - $17.95
Campin’ Fever – D1353 - $17.95
Beary Best – C1363 - $13.95
Beary Busy – C1409 - $13.95
Howdy – D1435 - $17.95
You’re Great – D1434 - $17.95
Hot Diggity – C1407 - $13.95
It’s A Zoo – C1360 - $13.95
Fun Times – B1309 - $9.95
Love Birds – C1396 - $13.95
Over The Rainbow – D1426 - $17.95
Post Card – Travel Series – D1357 - $17.95
Horizon – C1454 - $13.95
Ciao – D1461 - $17.95
Thrill Ride – D1425 - $17.95
Retro Tech – C1446 - $13.95
Around The Block – D1377 - $17.95
Family Ties – C1346 - $13.95
Family Ties – Children – C1345 - $13.95
Family Ties – Pet – B1350 - $9.95
Family – C1305 - $13.95
Play Day (old set) – D1360 - $17.95
Believe In Your Dreams – B1322 - $9.95
Ms. Scrapbook – B1352 - $9.95
Ms. Chillin’ – D1404 - $17.95
You Rock – D1346 - $17.95
Catching Waves – D1466 - $17.95
X-Treme – D1432 - $17.95
Hero – D1474 - $17.95
Star Power – D1403 - $17.95
Tea Time – C1438 - $13.95
Little Princess – C1414 - $13.95
Birthday Boy – C1411 - $13.95
Birthday Blast – C1436 - $13.95
Shining Star – D1320 - $17.95
Royal Birth – D1441 - $17.95
Cupcakes Sprinkles – D1336 - $17.95
Piece of Cake – D1407 - $17.95
Paisley Praise – D1414 - $17.95
Sweet Baby – C1359 - $13.95
Baby Love – B1368 - $9.95
You Did It – C1351 - $13.95
Adoption – A1098 - $6.95
Precious Love – C1444 - $13.95
Love Always – D1337 - $17.95
A Game – A1113 - $6.95
Magic Tabs – C1448 - $13.95
Circle Together – B1372 - $9.95
Just For Boys – C1338 - $13.95
Just For Girls – C1337 - $13.95
Cherished Flourishes – D1413 - $17.95
Unity – C1422 - $13.95
Two-Step Backgrounds – D1473 - $17.95
On The Edge – C1399 - $13.95
Circle Around – D1300 - $17.95
Connections – D1330 - $17.95
Adorning Corners – D1322 - $17.95
Fill In The Blank – D1465 - $17.95
Priceless Love Word Puzzle – D1348 - $17.95
Kanji Phrases – C1339 - $13.95
Boom! – B1354 - $9.95
Just The Ticket – B1323 - $9.95
Salutation Seals – C1461 - $13.95
A Little Everything – D1408 - $17.95
TLC – C1364 - $13.95
In The Month Of February – C1403 - $13.95
In The Month Of March – C1404 - $13.95
In The Month Of April – C1405 - $13.95
In The Month Of May – C1415 - $13.95
In The Month Of June – C1416 - $13.95
In The Month Of July – C1417 - $13.95
Notice The Details – D1378 - $17.95
On This Day – D1468 - $17.95
Happy Holidays – D1431 - $17.95
Dream Big – D1399 - $17.95