Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Christmas Gift Idea

This cute little decor item is about 4" tall and about 9" wide (when folded slightly to stand on it's own).

There is so much flexibilty with how you can make this, but here are the supplies that I used (and their page number in the Fall/Winter Idea Book:

Z1334 My Creations Mix & Mingle Album pg. 94
Z1064 "J" Dimensional Elements Monograms pg. 95
Z1069 "O" Dimensional Elements Monograms pg. 95
Z1079 "Y" Dimensional Elements Monograms pg. 95
X7130B Mistletoe Level 2 Paper Packet pg. 22

Accessories (use whatever you have or these fun things):
Z1269 Filigree Charms pg. 92
Z1209 Cranberry Ribbon Collection pg. 89
Z1104 Clear Sparkles pg. 90
Z293 Photo Hangers pg. 92 (on sale!, quantities limited)

Here's the instructions on how to make it.

1) Choose 3 of the 8 pieces that come in the Mix n Mingle Album. (You can make 2 with one, or 5 with 2 albums!)

2) Cover the chipboard pieces of the Mix n Mingle Album with your choice of papers.  I like to trace the back of the chipboard onto the back of the paper, then cut it out, and paste it on.  I use the Zig 2-way glue pens to glue paper to chipboard, but most adhesives will work.  After gluing it on, I like to use our Finishing Files (pg. 98) to finish the edges nicely.

3) Choose the letters you want to use from the many that come in the Dimensional Element Monograms!  Follow the same procedure to cover the letters with paper, or you can sponge them, or you can leave them white!

4) Embellish!  Lay your letters down and see what looks good.  If you are using brads, put them on the letters before you attach them to the base (Mix n Mingle) pieces.

5) Adhere the letters to the Mix n Mingle pieces.  And use the rings (included with Album) to attach the 3 pieces together.

Great job!